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Get Your Bearings

Why Discover Hope
February 19, 2019

Our well-being and happiness are interconnected. They are decidedly the outcome of our choices. The choices that we make daily, either by commission or omission, are influenced to a large extent by our values. And our values are shaped by our worldview.

There are various worldviews. Is the one you have opted to embrace causing you to make decisions that make your life now happy, healthy and holy? Or is it bringing you to where you are hopeless, clueless and penniless?

The jungle trekker, back when personal GPS units were not easily available, would rely on the compass. A good compass needle can be trusted to always point in the same direction — the magnetic North. Once you know where your North is, you can then pinpoint your location, or figure out your way forward. The British say, “Get your bearings.” So it is with life.

If the road you are travelling on is not taking you to the right destination, is it not time to turn around? If your vehicle is not suitable for your journey, should you not look for the right vehicle? And if the driver is uncertain of the way, should you not find another who knows the way? Get your bearings right!

It’s not too late to start over. Take charge of your life today, live well and discover hope!